Who are we
Habbeké Shipyard, established in 1966, has more than fifty years experience of quality shipbuilding. The wharf builds exclusively in aluminium, and enjoys an excellent reputation for innovation, quality and service. These characteristics were recognised and honoured when Habbeké was awarded the Dutch Aluminium Prize in 1994.

One of the key factors in the yard’s success is its commitment to working with the client and the designer. This has resulted in many long-term relationships with individual and institutional customers. Some individuals have ordered three vessels from the yard but the longest association is with KNRM (The Royal Dutch Lifeboat Association).

Habbeké has built some 18 Valentijn RIB life boats for the KNRM; and is now actively expanding the range in cooperation several architects including De Vries Lentsch and DSMG. A series of “Valentijn-like” vessels have been built such as the Crewtender (links).

As befits vessels which have to perform in sea conditions where other boats prefer to be in harbour, our boats are built to the highest quality and are therefore subject to the quality guidelines of class.

In fact all Habbeké products are built to stringent quality controls and the yard recommends that their products be registered with national and international safety organisations such as the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) or Lloyds.

The vessls are built at the company’s Volendam yard, as are, and have been, many other vessels. The delivery list includes boats from a large number of international designers including Sparkman Stevens, Philip Rhodes, Bruce Farr, De Vries Lentsch, Alan Pape, and Dick Koopmans.

Habbeké also builds sections of larger projects, e.g. a bare hull, a dodger, or flying bridge, as well as smaller complete products such inshore fishing boats or fun ribs (link to building portfolio).

Finally, the wharf has separate repair and completion factory in the nearby town of Hoorn with water frontage and lifting facilities in contact with the Ijsselmeer and from there to the North Sea via Ijmuiden and Amsterdam or Den Oever.