The Philosophy

Highly trained workers, all of whom have years of education and experience in the Dutch Metal Industry, staff the company; in fact most of the staff have been with the company for 40 or more years. At the same time, everyone at Habbeké has a direct affinity with boats, large and small, and this combination produces one of the best teams of its size in Europe – building vessels of varied shapes and sizes.

Together these attributes have produced a dedicated team of ship builders and Habbeké has a rich experience in building ships from aluminium, steel and even wood. Today, the yard concentrates upon using aluminium. There are several qualified ship builders on the staff and each works closely with the designers of new vessels, often at the start of a project where the aspirations of the designer and new owner need to be married to the practicalities of the building process. The result must also be a user-friendly vessel and a member of the team is also active after delivery, making sure the boat performs to these previous expectations.

This constant attention to detail and performance has come into its own when a series of vessels such as the Valentijns are built. The team was involved from the start of the venture and each vessel has benefited from the constant additions and improvements made from ongoing experience.

Such an approach might not be the cheapest but, during our almost 50 years of experience, we feel we can claim to be one of the cost-effective yards in our sector.

The yard’s approach was crowned in 1994 when the Beach Launched Valentijn Lifeboat was awarded the Dutch aluminium award. The boat was judged first in both the initial and final jury rounds and named as an “example to the industrial sector”. It is to this level that we continue to aspire.