Closed Valentijn 2000 class, delivery 2019

The Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) concept is appreciated more and more all over the world and their purpose and tasks have been significantly extended. HABBEKÉ SHIPYARD has further developed the VALENTIJN class RIB into a multipurpose vessel for evacuation, ambulance vessel, inspection vessel and crew or pilot tender.

The largest development is the closed wheel house and longer vessel that makes the vessel more comfortable and provides more shelter. The vessel has 16 seats and 4 stretchers. It’s a category A vessel and self-righting that makes it an “all weather boat”.

The first vessel of this type is used offshore Mauretania, Africa, as rescue and evacuation vessel by Woodside/Petronas,

Second as rescue vessel by the CITRO at Curacao (link )

These vessels are built according to the standards and rules of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS X A1 HSC.AMS).


Length overall                                                  12.00m

Length of hull                                                   10.96m

Maximum Beam (over the tubes)         4.10m

Beam (hull)                                                        3.52m

Draft                                                                     0.70m

Fuel capacity (1300L + 850L)               2150L

Performance                                                    Max. 45 knots

Action radius (full power)                        11 hours

Material                                                             Aluminium H111


Engines                                                               2x NEW Volvo-Penta D6-440 DPI

Launch Method                                             Carriage/afloat