BN212 FRC903 twin KNRM
FRC903 Fast Rescue Craft
A Fast Rescue Craft (FRC), is a relatively small rescue vessel generally designed for search and rescue (SAR) duties.They are usually operated by a nations coast guard, offshore industry, or lifeboat institution,and are intended for inland and offshore environments.
The FRC 903 / Fast Rescue Craft © 903 is designed and equipped to perform the following services:
– fast rescue boat,
– man overboard boat (mob),
– safe transfer of personnel and equipment.
Design by Pieter Meuzelaar, DSMG

Length overall: 9.15 metres
Maximum Beam: 3.30 metres
Beam (hull): 2.60 metres
Draft: 0.70 metres
Weight: 4.2 ton
Fuel capacity: 360 litres
Performance: 34 knots
Action radius (full power): 3.5 hours
Crew: 4 + 20 rescued
Material:  Aluminium H111

Twin installation:
Engines: 2x Steyr SE266E40 SOLAS, 190 kW (258 PK)
Reduction: 2x ZF63 (red. 1.25:1)
Waterjets: 2x Ultra UJ251