The Multitender 730 is specially built and designed for the purpose as super yachttender / workboat on board of the SAMAX

Length O.A 7,30 m
Length D.W 6,60 m
Beam  2,60 m
Freeboard: 0,75m

Maximum draft 0,55 m
Minimum draft 0,45 m
Displacement max 2,2 t
Fuel Tank volume 200 ltr.
Crew 2 p
Guests 8 p
Height: 1,95m/ 1,50 (with optional tilting console)

Speed 35knots


Model: Multitender 730 (MT730)
Builder: Habbeke Shipyard B.V.
Design: Tenderline / Triple Marine
Engine: Steyr SE306J38 (300hp)
Gearbox: ZF 63 C
Waterjet: Alamarin AJ245