Arie Visser class

The ARIE VISSER class is an all-weather vessel that can sail under any circumstances. In years when the KNRM gained experience with the larger RIBs, showed that the radius of action of this class was too limited. It was therefore decided to build a greater variation of Johannes Frederik, the Arie Visser class. The Arie Visser has a total fuel capacity of 6100 liters, the boat provides a range of sixteen hours at full power. The fuel is spread over four tanks. The boat has a length of 18.80 meters, the largest of this type lifeboat ‘Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB)’ in the world. The vessel is self-aligning in the event of capsizing. The boat is used under all weather conditions. On board is the most modern communication and navigation equipment installed. Include radar, satellite navigation, videoplotter, VHF, Navtex, mobile phone and mobile phone. Around the boat is a Pre-wetting system installed that the boat in a water mist shrouds to withstand heat in case of emergency at a burning ship. The boat is equipped with a small fire extinguisher system. Lifeboat type Arie Visser could take 120 rescued aboard.

The boat will therefore be capable of being launched and used in extreme conditions with the maximum safety for the crew members.

HABBEKÉ SHIPYARD has built  these larger variants of the RIB lifeboat drawn up by the architects Willem de Vries Lentsch in association with the KNRM


Length overall                                                 18.80m

Length of hull                                                  18.00m

Maximum Beam (over the tubes)        6.10m

Beam (hull)                                                        5.04m

Draft                                                                     1.03m

Weight                                                                 28.3 ton

Fuel capacity:                                                   6100 liters

Performance                                                    34 knots

Action radius (full power)                         16 hours

Material                                                              Aluminium H321

Engines                                                                2x MAN D2842 LE413, 735 kW at 2100 rpm

Reduction                                                           2x Reintjes WLS 334 KA reduction ratio 1,645:1

Waterjets                                                           2x Hamilton 521 B


Class ABS Maltese Cross A1 Launch AMS (with notation “offshore rescue boat” )