Fast Patrol/Pilot Craft  FPC1204

The Inshore range is developed to operate around coastlines, on rivers and in ports.
Therefore the vessels have very good capabilities with respect to:

fast patrol boat,

fast pilot boat,

transfer of personnel and equipment.

Therefore the vessel has very good capabilities with respect to:

able to maintain high speeds in adverse weather conditions, up to Sea State 4,

safety and comfort for passengers and crew,

good employability due to use of multiple propulsion options

Design by Pieter Meuzelaar, DSMG


Length o.a.                                                     12,50m

Length between perpendiculars     12,00m

Length cwl.                                                    8,30 m

Beam o.a. incl. fender                              4,00 m

Beam Hull                                                     3,60 m

Draft max                                                      1,35m

Weight fully loaded approx.              11.800kg

Speed trial condition                              30 knots

Cruising speed                                           25 knots

Range at full power                                 350 nm

Crew                                                                 6pers.

Fuel Tank volume                                     2000ltr.

Fresh water                                                  100ltr.