Maintenance / Refit

• Technical refits and maintenance
• Interior rebuilds
• Aluminium hull extensions and remodeling
• System updates

TECHNICAL REFITS AND MAINTENANCE The beating heart of each vessel is in the engine room and technical spaces. Habbeke Shipyard is specialist in complex refits and maintenance projects. Regular maintenance, repair and replacement of machinery and equipment. This work is carried out at our yard.

SYSTEM UPDATES Electronic systems onboard vessels, such as navigation and communication systems, audio/video equipment, internet, also requires regular updates to keep pace with the countless new features on offer. Habbeke Shipyard maintains excellent relations with all well-known system manufacturers, allowing us to offer you the latest updates and models. From a full turnkey integrated approach to supplying mechanical installation assistance, we have the solutions you require.

Lifeboats Stad Amsterdam

Repair pilot vessel

Refit CVV

Refit Combat Support Vessel

Refit Valentijn class