HABBEKÉ SHIPYARD has been building ships for almost 50 years; and has been using aluminium since 1969 when they produced a 15.4 meter aluminium hull for a motorboat. Designed for an American owner by John Alder, this was one of the first of its kind and led to the wharf concentrating upon using this metal. Today, HABBEKÉ SHIPYARD builds exclusively from this material.

The Dutch Aluminium Centre offers their prestigious, and highly sought after, “Annual Aluminium Award” to an industrial player who has demonstrated excellent workmanship and application. HABBEKÉ SHIPYARD won this prize in 1994 when the Beach Launched VALENTIJN Lifeboat was selected as the winning entry. The boat was judged first in both the initial and final jury rounds and named as an “example to the industrial sector”.


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Ir. Lex Keuning, a member of the jury and a maritime expert from the Technical University of Delft gave the jury’s verdict as … “an excellent example of how functional design using all types of aluminium can be produced as it should be …and above all, (the boat) is built by dedicated craftsmen. An example to the rest of the branch”.

The VALENTIJN is designed by W. de Vries Lentsch (de Rijp) and is based upon the early design work of the lifeboat designer David Stockton (from the UK). David Stockton was one of the earlier specialists in the design and application of RIBs.

These vessels are built according to the standards and rules of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS X A1 HSC.AMS)